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Ken Takakura (たか くら けん Takakura Ken?), also known as Okarun (オカルン?) by Momo Ayase, is the main male protagonist of the manga series Dandadan. He is an occult fanatic, mainly a believer in aliens and UFOS, who was living an introverted school life until he met Momo and became cursed by the Turbo-Granny. Although he managed to lift the curse with her help, Okarun now faces the problem of having to search for his missing "kintama" (Japanese slang for male testicles that literally translates to "golden ball(s)") and overcome any paranormal obstacles along the way.


Okarun is a young man of average height and skinny build with brown hair, brown eyes, and wears round-frame glasses. Originally, Okarun's hair was fashioned in a bowl cut but has since become unruly after his confrontation with the Flatwoods Monster.

While he is one of the few characters that can be seen wearing a variety of outfits, his most common attire is his school uniform, which is a typical gakuran outfit.


Okarun is a self-described socially awkward individual who has a consuming interest for the paranormal, with his main focus being the existence of aliens. This interest goes all the way back to his childhood where he tried to make contact with aliens in a desperate attempt to make friends, having grown up without a single one in his life due to constant bullying. As a result, Okarun developed low self-esteem and believes that he is incapable of fitting in with others or that people are rather off not associating themselves with him, heavily implying that he suffers from an inferiority complex. This is further proven when Jiji stepped back into Momo's life, as he thought to himself that he could not compete with him when it came to being her friend, based on his observation on how entertained she was being around him, and was quick to almost end his friendship with Momo as to not be a bother to her. According to Momo, Okarun's real problem with making friends is that he is too quick to make assumptions about others judging him, which results in him subconsciously keeping others at arm's length.

Okarun is a good person who believes that it is only right to help others when they are in trouble. A noticeable example being how he offered the Dover Demon his kintama for him to sale and earn funds for his son's blood transfusion. As a friend, he is fiercely loyal and protective, as he will not allow others to get away with harming those who he has formed a bond with, such as how he furiously attacked the Evil Eye for harming Momo and taking over Jiji's body.

Before learning that spirits truly walk among the living, Okarun was first skeptical of their existence since he believed that there were logical explanations as to why people would come to the conclusion of this paranormal activity.


Ever since elementary school, Okarun had a hard time fitting in with the crowd and was constantly picked on by others. In an effort to make any friends, he tried contacting aliens, which eventually developed into an obsession.


Turbo-Granny Arc

Takakura's first interaction with Momo.

While engrossed in his reading about outer space, Takakura is bullied by a few of his classmates but becomes soon finds himself being defended by Momo Ayase. After the bullies cease their activity, Takakura sees Momo leaving but decides to catch up to her after he had noticed how she took an interest in his book. He then goes on to talk to her about outer space and the existence of UFOs but only manages to annoy her. Momo apologizes for being rude to him and tells Takakura that she does not believe in aliens but rather in ghosts since her grandmother is a psychic. Takakura makes light of Momo's belief after snickering and quickly gets into an argument between her. Takakura then challenges Momo that he can prove UFOs exist by having her go to Nagi Hospital, while Momo challenges Takakura that she can proof to him that ghosts exist by having him go an a cursed tunnel.

After arriving at the tunnel late at night, Takakura talks to Momo on the phone and hears about the history she had with her grandmother while she roams around the hospital. Takakura then finds himself face-to-face with an elderly woman and runs away in fear while also denying what he saw was a ghost. Momo becomes aware of the situation and warns Takakura that he can't afford to get caught by the Turbo-Granny or he will be cursed. However, as he takes off on his bike, Takakura sees the Turbo-Granny ahead of him, resulting in him being caught and cursed.

Takakura cursed by the Turbo-Granny.

Shortly after, a cursed Takakura emerges from Momo's phone, after she was abducted by the alien group known as the Serpo, and apologizes to her for getting caught by the Turbo-Granny. The possessed Takakura starts to go on a rampage but becomes subdued by the Serpo's psychokinesis powers. After he slightly manages to come to his senses, Takakura begs the Serpo to not harm Momo since she was he grateful to her for the time she stood up for him. He then witnesses Momo using psychic powers to take down the Serpo, after the alien accidently overstimulated her brain waves, and manages to have his cursed suppressed by the latter. The two then manages to escape after Momo destroys the UFO they were in and have come to believe that both aliens and ghosts exist from what they experience just recently.

Not wanting to trouble her any further, Takakura tells Momo that he will find a way to release himself from his curse alone. However, Momo insists on helping him and asks for his name since he never told her earlier. He reveals his full name is "Ken Takakura", which causes Momo to become speechless since he has the same name as her beloved idol, Ken Takakura. Refusing to address him by his name, Momo tells Takakura that she will refer to him as "Okarun" from now on and demanded that he not speak his real name in front of her, to which he agrees to since he thought he had no other choice in the matter.

Okarun assuming his Turbo-Granny form for the first time.

After it becomes morning, Okarun is invited to stay at Momo's home until it becomes night again when the Turbo-Granny reappears. Initially, Okarun becomes unable to walk through the gate since the charm attached to it prevents any ghosts from entering but is allowed in after Momo removes it. Once the two changed clothes, Okarun becomes infuriate with the fact that he lost his family jewels to the Turbo-Granny, only for Momo to remind him that he was the one who started everything that happened after he came to talk to her about the supernatural. Okarun explains that he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to make friends with her since he was alone but believes that it could never happen since they are two different people. However, Momo tells him that he was quick to make assumptions about people and would like to make friends with him. Soon after, the two hear the door ring, which Momo believes is the presence of an evil spirit since the charm was previously removed and the fact that there are two types of doorbells for humans and ghosts in the house. Okarun and Momo step outside to see that the area is covered in black fog that causes them to cough up blood and the torii gate is blocked by a wall, which prevents Momo from putting the charm back. Finally, the two find themselves encountering a giant alien known as the Flatwoods Monster and run in panic from its rampaging. Using Momo's psychic powers, Okarun partially takes control of the Turbo-Granny's speed to deal damage to the Flatwoods Monster and helps to bring the fight to an end after Momo puts the charm back in place, causing the alien to burn to ash. Though the conflict was over, Okarun finds himself in trouble after his curse starts to take over his body and is unable to receive assistance from Momo due to the girl having exhausted herself. Luckily, Momo's grandmother arrives on time to stop Okarun from harming Momo and has him locked in the shrine until he had returned to normal.

Later, Okarun returns to normal and is visited by Momo. He then becomes relieved to know that he did not hurt her but has the door shut on him after Momo overacted over her concern for his well-being. After being let out, Okarun is told by Momo's grandmother that he and Momo will have to undergo training in hopes of drawing out the Turbo-Granny from her bound territory in a game of tag in order to weaken and defeat her. Thinking that she wanted to stop being his friend after his poor performance during the Flatwoods Monster's attack, Okarun apologizes to Momo but is told by her that he was acting disillusion and did well in handling the situation. The next day, Okarun and Momo begin their training but are cut short after the Turbo-Granny warns Momo that she will kill everyone near Okarun if they continue, leaving them with no other choice but to travel to the tunnel tonight.

Okarun and Momo running from the earthbound spirit.

Okarun and Momo arrive and enter the tunnel but find themselves trapped by the Turbo-Granny on both sides. After a failed attempt to attack the Turbo-Granny blocking their exit, Okarun has Momo partially release the curse on him to fight back. However, not wanting them to use her powers against her, the Turbo-Granny releases Okarun from his curse by returning his family jewels. The Turbo-Granny then prepares to eat them while they are helpless but is stopped after Momo challenges her to a game of tag, to which she accepts. Okarun tries to run away with Momo before the ghost finishes counting for ten minutes but sees Momo trapped after the Turbo-Granny pulls a trick on them by counting for ten minutes in a different way. Okarun becomes furious for having done this and assaults the Turbo-Granny by targeting her breasts, which leads to the ghost to taking over his body completely. However, with help from Momo, the Turbo-Granny becomes sealed within Okarun and is returned to normal. Having defeated the Turbo-Granny, the earthbound spirit within the tunnel chases after Okarun and Momo throughout Shounou City. Using the Turbo-Granny's speed, Okarun carries Momo on his back and enters an Onsen after Momo comes up with the idea of boiling the giant crab spirit. Though they managed to buy some time to try to escape Shounou's borders, Okarun and Momo find themselves ambushed by the citizens of Shounou City being possessed by the Turbo-Granny and the earthbound spirit.

Using the Turbo-Granny's powers again, Okarun carries Momo and dashes through the crowd but results in him using up all his strength. After accidently letting go of the Turbo-Granny within Okarun, the ghost kicks both Okarun and Momo away and fuses with the earthbound spirit. While unconscious, Okarun is carried by Momo after the girl uses her psychic powers to latch onto a moving train that was heading to Kamikoshi City and brings down the Turbo-Granny with help from Seiko. Once their problem was over, Okarun, Momo, and Seiko return to the tunnel to pay their respects to the spirits of the deceased girls who were revealed to have been murdered there. He then joins the two in celebration of their victory and, after it was time to say goodbye, becomes reassured that he will see Momo again at school after she tells him that she will see him tomorrow.

Acrobatic Silky Arc

Okarun finding out that his kintama are missing.

The next day, Okarun happily meets up with Momo at school and becomes eager to talk to her while in class. After class ends, Okarun tries to reunite with Momo for lunch but finds himself unable to find her. He then thinks that she was intentionally trying to avoid him, which makes him feel depressed that he failed to make a friend. As he walks off, Okarun accidently bumps into Momo, which causes his lips to meet with hers. The two then reassured each other that they were trying to find each other but are then faced with attention from Momo's friends who were there to see them accidently kiss. Okarun and Momo try to clarify that they are not in relationship but end up shooting insults at each other. Okarun then angrily walks away to the bathroom and realizes that his kintama are missing. He then runs back to Momo to explain his situation but is told by Momo to leave since she did not want to be bothered after their early incident. Feeling that Momo did not want to associate herself with him anymore, Okarun walks away feeling depressed and later runs into a girl who becomes pretends to act friendly with him. He then becomes shocked after a tub mysteriously falls on top of the girl's head and is met by Momo who wishes to walk home with him.

Okarun explains his situation about how his kintama are missing to Momo and Seiko. After a quick inspection, Seiko drives out the thing that was in Okarun and into a stuffed cat doll, which suddenly comes to life. Seiko reveals that the doll is the Turbo-Granny who secretly hid herself in Okarun after coming close to being completely exorcised. Okarun demands to the Turbo-Granny that she tell him where his kintama are and uses a charm as a threat. However, the Turbo-Granny advises him not to harm her and that he should listen to her demands if he wants to see his kintama back. After the Turbo-Granny orders him to kill Momo and Seiko, Okarun surprises everyone after entering his transformation in anger. Seiko explains that the Turbo-Granny's stubbornness only allowed her to extract the yokai's consciousness out while only leaving her powers within Okarun, which causes the doll to realize that she is powerless. After Momo makes a deal with the Turbo-Granny to cooperate with them, the doll tells them that she had lost Okarun's kintama somewhere during their last confrontation, leaving Okarun and Momo finding themselves with no choice but to try and search for them during the middle of the night. Having ended up with no luck, Okarun and Momo decide to continue on with their search tomorrow at school.

Okarun reacting angrily to a classmate after he disrespects Momo.

The next day, Okarun is met by a few boys at school who wanted him to introduce them to Momo. After one of them mentions how Momo looked cute, Okarun starts to think the same way but tries to calm himself. Okarun then accidently lets his transformation slip after one of the boys starts talking about how there was a nasty rumor about Momo and demanded that he tell him. Realizing what just happened, Okarun calms himself down, apologizes for his actions, and rushes to his seat. After finding out that the Turbo-Granny snuck into his backpack, Okarun rushes out into the halls to prevent anyone from noticing her and hears the doll trying to trick him into giving back her powers, to which he denies. Okarun is then met by Momo but, after noticing her charms, runs away from her feeling flustered. Later, Okarun, Momo, and the Turbo-Granny discuss about the possibility of one of Okarun's kintama being in the hands of a student at the school and about a "strange lady" being involved. Before they can continue on with the search, Momo is requested by Aira Shiratori, the same girl Okarun encountered yesterday, to talk in private. After Momo agrees to leave, Okarun is warned by the Turbo-Granny that the "strange lady" appeared. Okarun immediately heads to Momo's direction and warns her that the strange lady is a yokai named Acrobatic Silky who has been targeting Aira, who suddenly makes an appearance after grabbing her.

Okarun defeats Acrobatic Silky.

Okarun transforms to free Aira from Acrobatic Silky's grasps but misses, as she continues to dodge his attacks, and is swallowed whole by the yokai. Luckily, Momo, who was also swallowed, causes Acrobatic Silky to vomit Okarun, her, and Aira out of her stomach after lighting the yokai's hair on fire. After being released, Okarun is ordered by Momo to run away from Acrobatic Silky in his Turbo-Granny form while carrying Aira on his back. Acrobatic Silky manages to catch up to Okarun, kicks him away, and prepares to grab Aira. However, Acrobatic Silky realizes she has played right into Momo's hands after she planned to have the yokai chase after Okarun in order to have her hair caught inside the building as a way to restrict her movements. While Momo restrains Acrobatic Silky, Okarun performs his attack to defeat her by launching himself at high speeds.

With the yokai defeated, Okarun manages to acquire one of his kintama from an unconscious Momo, however, the Turbo-Granny reveals that Aira is actually dead as a result of being swallowed by Acrobatic Silky. While they try their hardest to revive her, Acrobatic Silky stands back up and offers her aura to bring Aira back to life. Momo accepts her offer and uses her psychic powers to transfer the aura, while Okarun enters his transformation to stay on guard for any tricks Acrobatic Silky may do. After the transfer becomes successful, Okarun and Momo watch as Acrobatic Silky crumble away while being embraced by Aira, which causes her spirit to pass away in peace.

Serpo Arc

Later at Momo's home, Okarun has lunch with the others and tries to not get involved in Aira and Momo's argument with each other after Aira accuses Momo of being her enemy. Before Aira makes her leave, Okarun is asked by her why he tried to save her despite being a "demon", to which he answers that it was the right thing to do. With one of his kintama acquired, Momo, Seiko, and the Turbo-Granny sends the golden ball back to his torso (through a game of baseball), much to Okarun's joy.

Okarun and Aira accidently caught by Momo.

Back at school, Okarun decides to commit himself to getting stronger through private training and tells Momo that he won't be able to meet up with her to find his second kintama by coming up with a lie about wanting to finish a report. While training, Okarun is approached by Aira who tries to force a kiss on him after admitting to having feelings for him. Okarun tries to avoid her advances since he felt that she was going about her confession the wrong way but ends up falling on top of her by accident. He is then spotted by Momo who gets the wrong idea on what happened and tries to explain to her what really happened. However, seeing as how he lied to her earlier about the report, Momo refuses to hear him out and walks away disappointed.

While in class, Okarun continues to train in secret at his desk and regrets the decision he made in lying to Momo. Out of nowhere, Okarun sees that the floor has been flooded and everyone in his class has disappeared. After running into a confused Aira, Okarun takes note at how the atmosphere is similar to when he confronted the Flatwoods Monster and realizes that aliens are behind this. Okarun then enters his Turbo-Granny form after an alien attacks the two, however, he is subdued by the Serpo who have targeted him for his powers. With help from Aira, who reveals that she is able to use Acrobatic Silky's powers, Okarun is released from the Serpo's psychic bind and tries to look for clothes after being stripped naked. After Aira tried holding off the aliens for as long she could, Okarun steps in to defend her by entering his transformation once gain but falls victim to the Serpo's powers to suppress his powers, leaving him open to be attacked by the boxing alien. However, Okarun regains his movement to launch his body at the Serpo after Momo arrives and uses her psychic powers to repel the Serpo's.

Okarun and Aira fighting the Dover Demon.

Okarun expresses relief that he got to see Momo again but is stop by her from saying anything further due to being stripped naked. With Momo around to repel the Serpo's powers, Okarun and Aira prepare to fight back but are back to being subdued after Momo faints from hearing Aira calling out Okarun's full name. The two are then left open for the Dover Demon to attack. After Momo gets ahold of herself, Okarun helps Aira to fight the Dover Demon since he is able to see its punches. As they manage to gain the upper hand, their confrontation is halted after the water level begins to rise. The three then look down and notice that a shadowy creature is swimming below them.

Judging from its appearance, Okarun determines that the monster is Nessie and swims away in panic with Momo and Aira after it starts to attack the Serpo. The Dover Demon intervenes in their attempt to escape and sends Aira flying upwards to the watery roof to drown. Okarun enters his Turbo-Granny form to fight back, however, he soon realizes that the Turbo-Granny's powers does not allow him to swim and reverts back to normal. As he and Momo swim away from the Dover Demon, Okarun tells Momo that he will distract the alien while she focuses on saving Aira. Momo refuses to go along with his plan, since she believes it will only cause more trouble along the way, and gets into an argument with him after bringing up the incident she saw between Okarun and Aira earlier. Knowing that she is bothered by this, Okarun looks Momo directly in the eyes to ask that she allow him to explain what really happened during that time, stating that he could not bear to see her misunderstood. Okarun then dives down on Momo to have her avoid being hit by an attack from the Dover Demon and hears that she has come up with a plan. Using her psychic powers on Okarun, while on his back, Momo propels him upwards towards Aira to save her from drowning.

Okarun defeats the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie.

After the two girls take off their clothes to move more easily underwater, Okarun, Momo, and Aira prepare to fight back against the aliens at full strength. However, they soon find out that a Serpo, the Dover Demon, and Nessie have fused together. Okarun, Momo, and Aira then flee from the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie after he starts to shoot high-compression water blasts. After swimming above the fused alien, the three notice it sucking in water from its neck and realize that it needs to recharge every so often. Knowing that they can cease its assault by targeting its neck, Okarun and Momo have Aira make the attempt to attack the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie but witness her being attacked after the fused alien starts using the Dover Demon's mantis shrimp arms to fight back. Okarun and Momo swim to avoid being hit by the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie's air compressed punches and saves Aira from drowning. Okarun believes that the monster is too powerful for them to handle but ends up giving Momo an idea after pointing out the fact that the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie has mantis shrimp arms. Okarun then becomes separated from Momo and Aira after the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie manages to land a blow on them, leaving Momo alone to defend for herself after the fused alien targets her first. However, after Momo causes the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie's arms to rip apart, Okarun, with Aira's help from her hair, is presented with an opening to destroy the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie and save Momo by launching himself at a tremendous speed.

Okarun clearing the air about his earlier incident with Aira to Momo.

With the Serpo defeated, Okarun, Momo, and Aira find themselves exposed in the halls, after the alien's barrier device is dispelled, and run away in panic after they are seen by their classmates. Later, the three enter the school's infirmary, after acquiring new clothes, and answer to the school's nurse about their earlier situation. After the nurse leaves to handle another matter, Okarun, Momo, and Aira look back on the Serpo targeting him and Aira for their yokai powers, to which Okarun theorizes that aliens are unable to go up against the yokais themselves and that they may have his second kintama. Momo then moves the topic back to their earlier embarrassment with their classmates and hears Aira coming up with the idea of blaming her for the incident. Okarun hears Momo willingness to go along with this excuse and states his objection. Okarun is then left alone with Momo, after Aira's friends come to pick her up, and is asked by her to explain himself about the incident between him and Aira at lunch. Okarun answers that he accidently fell on top of her in the midst of doing private training, which was all for the purpose of having Momo see him as being cool. Momo finds this to be funny and teases Okarun after becoming eager to know why he wanted her to see him as someone cool. Seeing as how he said everything he had to say, Okarun prepares to walk out of the room, while also promising that he will not blame Momo for the incident, but stops after Momo figured that she had something to say back to him. However, Momo is interrupted by her friends who came to check on her and gets caught in the middle of Momo arguing with them about being accused of fighting Aira for liking Okarun.

Later, Okarun finds out from Momo and Aira that the Dover Demon is alive but unconscious after pushing his body to its limit in their battle. The three then decide to help him recover at Momo's house. After he soon wakes up, Okarun, Momo, Aira, and Seiko watches as he becomes emotional at how it was the first time in his life that he was treated kindly and hears him swear to never harm the group again. After eating dinner, Okarun and the others hear the Dover Demon's predicament with his son's health and offers his kintama as a way for him to earn money. However, Momo thinks this is a bad idea, since the Dover Demon needed a daily amount of money to help his son. Okarun also hears the Dover Demon's rejection since he promised to never cause problems for them. Before he showed himself out, Seiko came to realize that the Dover Demon's blood is similar to milk and offers the alien a cow from a farmer she knows to solve his problems.

After the Dover Demon happily leaves off with the cow he acquired on his spacecraft, Okarun, Momo, and Aira beg Seiko to buy them new school uniforms. Seiko agrees to buy uniforms for Okarun and Aira but forces Momo to make a Hiroshi Abe expression until she is satisfied. Okarun then sees Momo's childhood friend, Jiji, at the door and shockingly learns from Seiko that he is Momo's first crush and that he will be living with them. Before walking home, Okarun is told by Momo that he has to tell her that he will see her tomorrow since she said it last time. Okarun complies with Momo's request and walks away with his hand placed to his chest.

Cursed House Arc

The next day in class, Okarun can't help but worry that Momo might go back to being interested in Jiji again and his friendship with her crumbling if it happens. Forgetting about this for now, Okarun focses on training his body during lunch. He then jumps up in shock after Momo appears wanting to eat her lunch with him and to make sure that he does not do anything strange like last. Okarun then hears Momo offering to feed him since he was busy using his hands to train. Okarun willingly agrees to this but is interrupted after Jiji appears wanting to spend time with Momo. Unable to watch as they start to enjoy each other's company, Okarun decides to leave and thinks that it would be for the best that he stop being friends with Momo. In an unexpected turn of events, Okarun sees an anatomical model running towards him and warns Momo that it was heading her way. Upon noticing a shiny ball around the model's torso, Momo uses her psychic powers to grab on the running model, thinking that it is one of Okarun's kintama, but is unable to stop its momentum, resulting in her being dragged along with Jiji holding on tight to her.

Okarun catching up to Taro in pursuit.

Entering his Turbo-Granny form, Okarun chases after the anatomical model and tries to save Momo. After the anatomical model avoids contact with Okarun by climbing and running on top of a building, Momo uses her powers to latch onto Okarun but ends up being in danger of being hit by a bus. In the nick of time, Okarun grabs Momo's hand and moves her and Jiji out of the way and onto his back. While carrying them on his back, Okarun follows Momo's plan to stop the anatomical model by firmly planting his feet on the ground while she and Jiji try to pull it with her psychic grip. To release itself from her grasp, the anatomical model splits its body apart and forces the three to continue on with the pursuit.

Okarun realizing his feelings for Momo.

The three end up losing track of the model but manage to find it lying down on the ground at a junkyard thanks to Momo who explains that she tracked it down by listening to its screams as she punched its heart she got her hands on the moment it split apart. Okarun, Momo, and Jiji then hear another voice coming from the pile of garbage and sees that it came from a female anatomical model named Hana who was the one the male anatomical model named Taro was searching for. After Taro expresses his love towards Hana, Okarun becomes moved by his words as he starts to think that they reflect back to the time he met Momo.

Okarun, Momo, and Jiji decide to help the two by taking Hana to Momo's house, while Taro remains at the school, and beg Seiko to take her in as a resident, to which the grandmother agrees to do. While Momo sets up for dinner, Okarun becomes jealous of Jiji getting along with her and steps in to interrupt their conversation by stating to Momo that he is resolved to stand up to himself, followed by a random song that leads to Jiji joining him. Okarun then hears from Seiko that Momo will be spending time at Jiji's house during the weekend to lift a curse and assumes in shock that she will be alone with Jiji, only for Momo to reassure him that she had planned on inviting him to come along since she would feel ill at ease without him. Hearing this, Okarun makes an announcement that they have to resolve the problem quickly.

While riding the train to Jiji's house, Okarun spends his time playing card games with Momo and Jiji but sees Jiji gaining Momo's attention, which prompts him to bring up the topic of the Tsuchinoko that manages to peak Momo's interest. However, Jiji regains Momo's attention by bringing up the Tsuchinoko Shrine at his village, much to Okarun's disappointment and tries changing to the topic about a shrine dedicated to a mummified Kappa. This then leads to him unexpectedly having a conversation with Jiji after he became interested to hear Okarun's knowledge of cryptids, to which he found talking to him to be pleasant and hard for him to dislike Jiji after he calls him his friend.

Okarun and Jiji fighting to see who has stronger feelings for Momo.

Upon arriving at Jiji's house, Okarun notices a few shadowy silhouettes in the distance but pay them no mind as he enters the house with Momo and Jiji. Okarun and Jiji then help Momo find any strangeness around the house but end up finding nothing, which makes Momo conclude that the spirit is hiding somewhere but believes that she will have no problem finding it later during the night when spirits are most active. After Momo leaves to take a trip to the hot springs, Okarun is left alone with Jiji and takes him up on his invitation to play soccer. While being instructed by Jiji on how to play the game, Okarun thinks to himself that if he betters himself then he will be able to impress Momo when she gets back and is suddenly asked by Jiji if he has feelings for Momo. Okarun tells Jiji that he respects her and finds Momo to be very important to him. Jiji responds back by telling Okarun what he likes about Momo, which leads to Okarun also confessing the things he likes about her. The two then enter into an argument on who liked Momo more. After Jiji declared himself the winner by pointing out that he has known Momo longer than him, Okarun tries to think of something that outdoes his point and remembers his accidental kiss with Momo. Without giving his reason, Okarun declares himself the winner and confuses Jiji. The two's debate then comes to a close after Jiji notices that there is an unknown structure connected to the house and shockingly discover, after smashing a hole through the interior wall, a hidden room filled with talismans.

Okarun, Momo, and Jiji encounter the Tsuchinoko.

Instead of investigating, Okarun suggests that he and Jiji wait for Momo to return. The two then hear the sound of the doorbell and thinks that it is her but instead open the door to find the female members of the Kito Family, Jiji's landlords. After the male members arrive, Okarun is suspected by them of not being Jiji's friend and is asked if he knew Jiji's favorite soccer team, which he answers correctly that its Zaint German after noticing the poster on the wall. Okarun then sees the head Kito Family member becoming furious with Jiji after he lies to her about having a girl over. Later, Momo arrives to find Okarun and Jiji lying on the floor unconscious after being beaten by the Kito Family, who reveal themselves to be the ones responsible for keeping the village's volcano from erupting by offering human sacrifices to the Tsuchinoko, which they plan to do to the three of them. After the family start to force Momo into the hidden room where the Tsuchinoko resides, Okarun, along with Jiji, regains consciousness, charges at the family to push them into the hidden room, and tries to grab Momo's hand as she starts to sink down to the floor. However, both parties end up being sent down to the inner pit and encounters the Tsuchinoko, which is revealed by Okarun and the Turbo-Granny to actually be a giant man-eating earthworm called a kuragari.

Okarun leading the Tsuchinoko away from Momo and Jiji.

After witnessing the Tsuchinoko attack the Kito Family, Okarun, Momo, and Jiji take cover inside the house they're on top of to avoid being targeted. Upon entering, Okarun and Momo end up being affected by the Tsuchinoko's psychic waves that causes them to make attempts at committing suicide, forcing Jiji to try and stop them and avoid the Tsuchinoko targeting the trio. Okarun and Momo then regain their senses after the spirit that has been haunting Jiji appears confronting the Tsuchinoko. The Turbo-Granny warns the three to avoid making eye contact with the spirit and learns from her that the spirit is known as the Evil Eye, an evil spirit that causes people to commit suicide from its gaze, which ends up canceling out the Tsuchinoko's psychic waves. With the worm immobile, Okarun uses this opportunity to enter his Turbo-Granny and decapitate the Tsuchinoko's head by launching himself. However, the Tsuchinoko survives the attack after regenerating its head and chases after Okarun, giving Momo and Jiji time to head down to the lower level.

Okarun protecting Momo from the Evil Eye.

After reaching his limit in his transformation, Okarun becomes unable to move but recovers on time to stop the Evil Eye, possessing Jiji's body, from attacking Momo, much to his anger. After taking her up to high ground, Okarun warns Momo of the Tsuchinoko spreading venom inside the pit to weaken them and that the only way they can defeat it is if they were to expose it to sunlight, having remembered that underground dwellers are unable to handle ultraviolet rays. With Jiji possessed by the Evil Eye, Okarun tells Momo that she will have to head back up alone to bring down the Tsuchinoko while he stays behind to stop the Evil Eye. Hearing his firm resolution, Momo puts her trust in Okarun and promises that she will return for him. After successfully managing to have Momo escape the pit, Okarun comes face to face with the Evil Eye once again and prepares to fight him with the intention of making him pay for his actions earlier.

Okarun defeats the Evil Eye.

However, Okarun proves to be no match for the Evil Eye in hand-to-hand combat and is overpowered as he is dealt with a barrage of relentlessly punches from the evil spirit while trapped inside his Cursed House. Upon hearing the Evil Eye spouting off at how he was going to torture Momo once he had finished him off, Okarun reacts by grabbing the Evil Eye's face to tell him how furious he is with him for trying to hurt her earlier and for using Jiji's body. Okarun then manages to defeat the Evil Eye by attacking him with a barrage of squat punches, resulting in the evil spirit being launched upwards out of his Cursed House and falling unconscious, and adds that he was also furious with the Evil Eye for angering him.

Having used up all of his strength in his attack, Okarun drops down to the ground but picks himself up after remembering that he needs to escape to reunite with Momo. As he moves Jiji's unconscious body, Okarun hears the Turbo-Granny crying out for help after becoming stuck to the Tsuchinoko's sticky slime earlier and goes down to free her, only to end up getting stuck as well in the process, much to her disappointment. After the village volcano erupts as a result of Momo killing the Tsuchinoko, Okarun and the Turbo-Granny become encased inside the Tsuchinoko's mucus that luckily keeps them protected from the magma filling the pit.

Momo hugging Okarun in relief in that he kept himself alive.

Later, the two are saved by Momo with help from the Dover Demon and his son. After being freed, Okarun becomes worried for Jiji being under magma as well but is reassured by Momo that the Evil Eye somehow managed to escape the pit and was subdued by her grandmother who had arrived later on to give her aid. As he gives his apology to Momo for not keeping his word in handling Jiji, Okarun accidentally falls onto her after having his foot caught in the Tsuchinoko's mucus and reacts nervously to his unintentional action. Momo then places her arms around him as she gives her apology for not being able to do anything to save him but tells him that she is glad that he is safe.

At the Ayase residence, Okarun watches from the sidelines as Momo, Seiko, and Manjiro try to exorcise the Evil Eye out of Jiji, only for it to end in failure as the Evil Eye remains active. After the failed attempt, Okarun stays for dinner, along with the other invited guests, and overhears Manjiro discussing with Seiko the problem with exorcising the Evil Eye from Jiji. The party's attention then turns to Taro's reaction to eating the hot oden, which suddenly results in Jiji's voice coming from him. After opening Taro's face, Okarun and the others look in shock see Jiji back to normal. The circumstances as to how this happened is then figured out by Seiko using different temperature water she splashes on Jiji's face, revealing that the Evil Eye will come out if made contact with anything cold, while Jiji will return to normal if the opposite happens. Knowing this, Okarun and Momo are tasked by Seiko to carry around hot water thermos to splash Jiji with in the event the Evil Eye resurfaces from anything cold. After finishing having dinner, Okarun eagerly asks the Dover Demon how his spacecraft works as he prepares to head home with his son and learns of his real name along with Momo and Aira, only for them to continue calling him Mr. Shrimp.

Momo having a moment with Okarun.

The next day, Okarun and Momo accompany Jiji to meet his parents in the hospital as per their task to keep the Evil Eye suppressed. While heading to the hospital, Okarun notices that his hand is touching Momo's and apologetically pulls away, only to hear from Momo that she had no problem with it. This then leads to Momo playfully holding onto Okarun's hand, resulting in both of them blushing and Okarun wondering as to what her intentions were, but is interrupted by Jiji who complains to Momo about Taro not allowing him to move his body. After arriving at the hospital, Okarun, Momo, and Taro watch from afar as Jiji is happily reunited with his recovered parents.

Evil Eye Arc

Kaiju Arc

Abilities and Powers

Supernatural Abilities

Spiritual Awareness v  e
Okarun is able to clearly see spirits, such as earthbound spirits and yokai.
Turbo-Granny Form
Okarun - Turbo Granny Form.png

A transformation that Okarun is able to enter that allows him to use the Turbo-Granny's powers. Initially, Okarun was only able to enter this mode while still being cursed by the Turbo-Granny and with help from Ayase's psychokinesis powers to suppress the curse from his head, thereby allowing him to control his body. Okarun then became able to enter the transformation willing after the Turbo-Granny's powers were accidently left inside him, which only activates whenever Okarun becomes enraged or is prepared to give it his all in a battle.

When accessing Turbo-Granny's powers, Okarun hair flares up and turns white, gains two thick vertical stripes across his eyes, and a noticeable dark jaw mask with a row of multiple teeth. Underneath his clothing, Okarun's body is given a more muscular definition, while forcing his posture to become hunch-like, and the nails on his hands and toes become sharpened and black. The clothes he chooses to wear are also slightly altered to become flame-like. Okarun's mental state also changes in addition to his physical, giving him a depressing personality.

Enhanced Speed: This state offers Okarun the immense speed of the Turbo-Granny that allows him to run up to 100 km/hr. After assuming the form for the first time, Okarun's body reacted fast enough to move out of the way of the Flatwoods Monster's attack after it had come a few seconds close to crushing him. During his confrontation with the bound spirit of Shono City, Okarun was shown capable of using his legs to rotate around like a propeller to keep himself afloat long enough to land on city ground.
For offensive purposes, Okarun can use his speed to greatly launch himself at his opponent like a rocket, with enough force to completely destroy a part of a building and split apart the huge body of the Serpod Dover Demon Nessie.
The drawback is that Okarun can only endure using the yokai's full speed for two sprints, since it puts too much strain to his human body and will revert back to normal from the pain. However, Okarun has shown that he is capable of controlling how much speed he needs to use in combat to remain in the state for a good amount of time. This state also unfortunately takes away Okarun's ability to swim since the Turbo-Granny is unable to.
Immense Bite Force: Okarun is also given great biting force from his transformed mouth, as he was able to bite off all five fingers from the Flatwoods Monster's left hand.


  • Much to Momo's dismay, Okarun shares the same name with the late Japanese actor, Ken Takakura.



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