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The Turbo-Granny (ターボババア Tābo Babā?) is a well-known yokai that was previously within a tunnel located at Shono City until her confrontation with Momo Ayase and Ken Takakura. After having her powers sealed within Okarun, along with her consciousness being trapped inside a stuffed doll, the Turbo-Granny makes a deal with Momo to help Okarun find his balls in exchange for having her powers back.

In Dandadan, she served as the main antagonist during the Turbo-Granny Arc but has since become a supporting character throughout the series.


The yokai took on the form of a very elderly woman with long white shaggy hair and eyes that were stuck looked to the sides. When possessing her targets, she has her victims transform into a mirror image of herself, albeit with a large mouth with teeth that is capable of biting off body parts.

After having her consciousness extracted from Okarun, the Turbo-Granny is forced to inhabit a maneki-neko doll.


The Turbo-Granny is a yokai that acts particularly cruel and sadistic, along with being foul-mouthed. She is also rather somewhat vulgar, as she offered Okarun a chance to suckle on her breasts in exchange for taking his genitals. Since she possesses impressive running power, the Turbo-Granny takes great pride in her speed and refuses to be underestimated. When challenged to prove herself, she is not above using trickery to get her way, having tricked Okarun and Momo in their game of tag by counting irregularly. Despite her negative attitude, she is revealed to have a compassionate side, as Seiko stated that the Turbo-Granny would most commonly wander off to spirits of girls who died tragically in order to comfort them, which was the reason as to why she fused with the tunnel earthbound spirit within Shono City.


During modern times, the Turbo-Granny was a yokai known as the 100 km/hr Granny (100キロババア 100 Kiro Babā?) that went around terrorizing the people of Japan. While wandering about, the Turbo-Granny comforted the spirits of deceased girls who died horrible deaths and eventually fused with an earthbound spirit within a tunnel in Shono City and would curse those who would dare enter her territory by stealing their genitals.


Turbo-Granny Arc

After accepting a bet to find out if ghosts or aliens are real, Ken Takakura is instructed by Momo Ayase to go over to the tunnel the Turbo-Granny resides to see if she is real. To Okarun's surprise, he encounters the Turbo-Granny and runs away in panic after she vulgarly speaks to he him, however, the Turbo-Granny catches up to the boy on his bike and successfully possesses him. Later, the Turbo-Granny transports herself to Momo's location using the girl's phone while possessing Okarun's body and starts to uncontrollably attack the Serpo that are holding Momo captivate. The yokai soon finds herself forced out of Okarun's body by Momo, after having her psychic powers accidently unlocked by the Serpo, and smugly challenges her to lift the boy's curse by coming to the tunnel.

Two days later, the Turbo-Granny becomes aware of Momo preparing herself to confront her by going through training and demands that she come to tunnel tonight, or she will kill all those who laid eyes on Okarun, such as her grandmother. Having no other option, Momo adheres to the yokai's demand and goes with Okarun to the tunnel. After the two enter, the Turbo-Granny traps them on both sides and prepares to attack but stops her assault after being challenged by Momo to a game of tag. The Turbo-Granny agrees to count for ten minutes for Momo and Okarun to run off but quickly traps Momo after counting irregularly, explaining that they did not restrict her from counting to ten on her own terms. The Turbo-Granny is then attacked by the boy after he bites down on her breasts and angers the yokai. After reverting to her spirit form, the Turbo-Granny manages to take over Okarun's body and readies herself to eat Momo. However, the Turbo-Granny is bested by Momo who uses her psychic powers to trap the yokai in Okarun's body, much to her discomfort. Having done so, the earthbound spirit within the tunnel reveals itself and is demanded by the Turbo-Granny to help free her as Okarun and Momo try to make their way out of Shono City. The Turbo-Granny then becomes displeased with Okarun using her speed to his advantage as the two lure the earthbound spirit to an Onsen to boil the giant crab. Despite succeeding in gaining some time to escape, the Turbo-Granny tells them that she and the earthbound spirit will not allow them to get away after they borrowed power from a massive graveyard at the border of Shono City to take control of its citizens and have them block their escape route.

With no other option, Momo has Okarun use the Turbo-Granny's speed to dash through the crowd but ends up exhausting himself in the process. After Momo forgets to maintain her hold on her, the Turbo-Granny is set free and merges with the bound crab spirit to take revenge. Unexpectedly, the Turbo-Granny becomes shocked after Momo uses her psychic powers to have her and Okarun latch on to a moving train in order to escape and chases after them before they managed to leave Shono City. After grabbing on to the train, the Turbo-Granny tells Momo that her plan is doomed to fail since the train's speed will slow down once it makes a turn but is told by the girl that she had planned to have the yokai follow her up to this point as they prepare to reach the stop to Kamikoshi City where her grandmother had setup a barrier trap. The Turbo-Granny then struggles to get off as Momo uses her psychic powers to keep her from escaping and is ultimately defeated. However, the Turbo-Granny reverts to her spirit form at the last minute and transfers herself to Okarun's body undetected before being completely exorcised. While hiding within him, the yokai swearing vengeance on the people responsible for her defeat once she had recovered her energy.

Acrobatic Silky Arc

The next day, Momo's grandmother drives out the Turbo-Granny from Okarun's body and into a cat doll upon finding out that Okarun's testicles are missing. The Turbo-Granny then tries to flee the scene but is caught by Momo. After revealing how it got into Okarun's body, the Turbo-Granny threatens to harm Momo and the others once her strength recovers and tells them that they have to do whatever she says since she is in the possession of Okarun's testicles. However, after giving out the order to Okarun to kill both Momo and her grandmother, the yokai witnesses Okarun accessing her powers after enraging him. Seiko explains that only the Turbo-Granny's consciousness was driven out her while her powers remained in Okarun, which causes the Turbo-Granny to feel nervous as she is helpless against Seiko's wrath. Though they were initially enemies, Momo tries to talk friendly with the Turbo-Granny and proposes a compromise to give her back her energy if she helps them find Okarun's balls. The Turbo-Granny agrees to help but tells them that she lost Okarun's balls, which she had layered in a golden ball of her spiritual power, during their skirmish on the train. While the two children search for it late at night, the spirit doll lazily watches and explains that if they fail to find the golden ball then an evil spirit may have taken them due to it possessing strong life-force that can possibly resurrect the spirit. After failing to find it, the Turbo-Granny settles at Momo and her grandmother's house.

After being told by Seiko that she was free to do whatever she wants, the Turbo-Granny decides to sneak into Okarun's bag while he is at school and reveals herself after witnessing Okarun accidently letting out her power. She then hides from Momo after she meets up with Okarun but soon takes the opportunity to freely roam around the campus after Okarun accidently the spirit doll behind. Later on the rooftop, the Turbo-Granny explains to the two that if a human were to be in possession of the golden ball then it will cause them to awaken their spiritual powers and become aware of spirits, which will result in them being attack, and how she spotted a strange lady but will explain further after school. While in the halls, Momo is requested by Aira Shiratori to talk in private, which causes the Turbo-Granny to sense that the "strange lady" is around and relays this info to Okarun. Okarun then learns from the Turbo-Granny that the strange lady is a yokai named Acrobatic Silky who has been going after Aira and follows Momo to warn her but becomes too late after the yokai grabs Aira.

After Okarun and Aira is swallowed by Acrobatic Silky, the Turbo-Granny is asked for assistance from Momo, only to tell her that she is unable do anything to help since her powers were stolen. She then witnesses Momo being swallowed by Acrobatic Silky as well, which prompts her to warn the yokai to release the children since, as a maneki-neko, she has the power to bring good fortune. As she expected, the Turbo-Granny watches Acrobatic Silky being set on fire after Momo used Aira's rosary lighter to light the yokai's hair after swallowing it along with her, causing Acrobatic Silky to vomit out the three children.

After Momo and Okarun manage to defeat Acrobatic Silky and retrieve one of Okarun's golden balls from an unconscious Aira, the Turbo-Granny warns them that Aira is actually dead due to her being a normal person that had gotten swallowed by a yokai. Although she found their desperate attempts at trying to revive her to be pointless, the Turbo-Granny complies with them to call an ambulance from Miko's phone. Wanting to help, Acrobatic Silky offers to transfer her aura to Aira as a way to save her, to which the Turbo-Granny confirms that it would work. With the procedure a success, Acrobatic Silky starts to crumble away in front of the group. Momo then asks the Turbo-Granny as to why this was happening, to which she answers that it is due to her losing her aura that is essential in order to live and will end up being completely erased from existence once her body is gone. However, Aira helps Acrobatic Silky to achieve nirvana before this happens by hugging her and calling her mother.

Later, the Turbo-Granny joins Momo, Okarun, Seiko, and Aira for lunch and helps to put one of Okarun's balls back to his torso through a game of baseball with Seiko, much to Okarun's dismay.

Serpo Arc

The Turbo-Granny joins Momo, Okarun, Seiko, and Aira for dinner after helping the Dover Demon to recuperate and kicks Okarun after becoming angry with him for eating a piece of her food.

Haunted House Arc

Realizing that Jiji lives in a hot spring territory, the Turbo-Granny decides to secretly sneak into Momo's backpack for when the time came for her to travel to his house to exorcise the spirit haunting it and have a chance to relax at one of the springs.

As she had hoped, the Turbo-Granny gets the chance to relax at a hot spring after Momo decides to relax there as well. While Momo becomes unaware of the Turbo-Granny around, she is attacked by a group of men but is saved due to the Turbo-Granny's supposed good fortune. After spotting the Turbo-Granny and learning of her intentions for coming with her, the two make their leave while the police come to arrest the men that attacked Momo. While walking, the Turbo-Granny is asked by Momo if she noticed anything strange about Jiji's house that she recently investigated, to which she answered that the house was soaked in human blood.

While Momo makes a quick visit to the Tsuchinoko shrine, the Turbo-Granny dozes off inside her backpack due to feeling too relaxed from the hot spring. Later, she is woken up after Momo tries to defend herself against the Kito Family in Jiji's house. The two are then sent inside the sacrificial room where the Kito Family plan on offering them to the Tsuchinoko and end up falling down to the inner pit where the cryptid resides within the house, along with Okarun, Jiji, and the Kito Family.

Upon encountering the Tsuchinoko, the Turbo-Granny and Okarun confirm that the creature is actually a kuragari, an earthworm cryptid. After Momo and Okarun become effected by the Tsuchinoko's psychic waves that is forcing them to commit suicide, the Turbo-Granny finds herself caught between Momo and a piece of glass that the girl was trying to use to stab herself. She then orders Jiji to tie up the two and warns him about their situation. After realizing that this was the reason why his parents were hospitalized, Jiji asks the Turbo-Granny why he wasn't affected as well. Before she could answer, Momo uses her psychic powers to restrain the Turbo-Granny, while also attacking Jiji to have him back away at another attempt at suicide with a piece of glass aimed at her throat. After Jiji comes in on time to block the shard with his arm, the Turbo-Granny, Momo, and Okarun are carried by him as he tries to escape from the Tsuchinoko rampage but end up being confronted by the earthworm outside. As Jiji is stuck in a predicament, the spirit that has been haunting him appears before him.

After Momo and Okarun come to their senses, the Turbo-Granny informs them not to look the spirit in the eyes after recognizing it as the Evil Eye, a spirit that curses people to commit suicide with its gaze, which was clashing with the Tsuchinoko's psychic waves and allowing Momo and Okarun to return back to normal. As Okarun holds off the Tsuchinoko, the Turbo-Granny and Momo witnesses Jiji falling victim to the Evil Eye's gaze, which results in him seeing the spirit's tragic past, and him wanting to help the spirit afterwards by freeing his corpse hidden within one of the underground houses. The Turbo-Granny warns him not to go near the corpse since the spirit is dangerous but is denied by Jiji due to him seeing the Evil Eye as being no different from them. The three are then shocked by the Tsuchinoko's release of electricity and look up to see the creature about to come down to swallow them. However, the Turbo-Granny and Momo are saved after the Evil Eye possesses Jiji and punches the Tsuchinoko, which then makes a statement to destroy humanity.

The Turbo-Granny warns Momo in panic to get her powers ready to defend them against the Evil Eye but is too late after the Evil Eye kicks them to a wall. The Evil Eye then notices the Turbo-Granny and asks if she was Momo's slave, to which she responds with anger for speaking to with disrespect. After the Evil Eye turns its attention to the Tsuchinoko, the Turbo-Granny warns Momo about Seiko's theory on how Jiji was targeted by the Evil Eye due to him being a suitable vessel and is now their enemy. The Turbo-Granny is then separated from Momo after the Evil Eye sends the girl back with a punch and becomes stuck to the Tsuchinoko's adhesive slime.

After being accidently left behind by Momo and Okarun as they try to deal with both the Evil Eye and the Tsuchinoko, the Turbo-Granny yells out for help and becomes relieved to see Okarun arriving to help her after he manages to defeat the Evil Eye. However, the Turbo-Granny becomes disappointed with him after he accidently falls down and becomes stuck to the slime like her, leaving them desperate to have Momo to come down and rescue them.

Abilities and Powers

Spiritual Abilities

Shapeshifting v  e

As a spirit, the Turbo-Granny has the power to either materialize to assume a physical body, or dematerialize to assume a spiritual body. While in her intangible, spiritual body, the Turbo-Granny becomes immune to all physical attacks and can possess anyone she confronts.

Okarun cursed.png
The Turbo-Granny can curse humans to have them go berserk and attack anyone around them. For males, they will be branded the curse once the Turbo-Granny takes possession of their genital's. The Turbo-Granny can make use of the possessed as go-between vessels to remotely communicate with others from her main body, and once this initiates, time will only move forward for the spirit and the person she wishes to talk to. The curse is also infectious, as it can allow the Turbo-Granny to cause bodily harm to anyone who has laid eyes on the possessed, such as giving them a heart attack, a stroke, or causing them to experience a nosebleed.


Earthbound Spirit Crab Fusion
After fusing with the Earthbound Spirit Crab within a tunnel located in Shounou City, the Turbo-Granny gained the ability to manipulate the territory the spirit was bound to. During her confrontation with Takakura and Ayase in the tunnel, the Turbo-Granny created two giant heads of herself from both sides of the tunnel to corner them and caged Ayase with multiple arms that sprouted from the surface. While trapped inside Takakura, the Turbo-Granny and the earthbound spirit called upon the power of the spirits resting within the border of Shounou City to take control of the cities citizens in order to keep Takakura and Ayase from escaping.
Turbo-Granny and Earthbound Spirit Crab Fusion Form.png



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